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Nominations for the 2024 International Opera Awards are now open.

Nominations may be submitted by individuals and opera companies anywhere in the world, and should be for achievements during the period Sep 1, 2023 to Jul 31, 2024. You may submit in as many or as few categories as you wish. All nominations will be considered by the jury and shortlists will be announced in August.

Nominations will close on Jul 31, 2024, with shortlists announced in August. 

Please note that productions premiering in August 2024 will be eligible for the 2025 Awards. 

For any queries, please contact:

    Your Nominations



    Set designers with one or more new productions in the nomination period.


    Equal Opportunities/Impact

    Please nominate a specific initiative or project, e.g. “Opera X’s dementia-friendly workshops” rather than simply “Opera X”. Charities and individuals are also eligible provided their work is focused on opera.

    Female Singer


    Lifetime Achievement

    Male Singer

    New Production

    Productions must have premiered between Sep 1 2023 and Jul 31 2024. Revivals are not eligible.

    Opera Company


    If nominating an individual, please also specify the opera company/companies who benefit from their philanthropic activities.

    Recording (Complete Opera)

    New releases only; re-issues are not eligible.

    Recording (Solo Recital)

    New releases only; re-issues are not eligible. Repertoire should be solely or primarily operatic.

    Rediscovered Work

    For rare and little-known operas given their first ever, or first modern, professional staging during the 2023/24 season

    Rising Star

    For any young/emerging artist (singer, director, conductor, composer) who stood out in the 2023/24 season.


    For an opera company or other opera-focused organisation leading the way in sustainable practices. Where possible, identify a specific initiative.

    World Premiere

    For new works premiered onstage between Sep 1 2023 and Jul 31 2024

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